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Tips for Stress Relief and Management

How to Reduce and Relieve Stress, Anxiety

Stress Reduction and Stress Busters
Refocus on when you have felt the most in tune with what you needed.  When do you feel the most connected and relaxed.  What has worked in the past that would be workable now.  If you are willing to incorporate spiritual help, ask for assistance.
Cultivate quiet time, prayer, or reflection.
Exercise (low-impact, such as walking, fishing, swimming), to move your body, and to feel connected to your body, and for grounding.
Spend time in nature, parks, or wilderness.
Focus on what facilitates a sense of being in your body--light-impact exercise, baths (grounding), therapeutic massage, or spa treatments, etc.  (At home remedies), try warm baths with essential oils (about 8-12 drops) or with plain salt (about 1/2 to 1 cup, sea salt is very good).  Also, ginger baths (about 2 Tbsp. to 1/2 cup, powdered herb), and hydrate with water or herbal tea (Thomas, Lalitha.  1992.  10 Essential Herbs.  Prescott, Arizona, Hohm Press, Pages 191-192).
Create space for yourself.  Turn off the telephone, reschedule appointments if needed, say no to requests, if needed, etc.
Research herbs, especially comprehensive herbals in your local library Reference, (all are very good), a few herbs with calming properties to research, include clove, chamomile, kava.
Research essential oils (see your local library Reference), some with calming properties to research, include lavender, clove, geranium.  (Put on a tissue, in candles or diffusers, or dilute).  My favorite book about Aromatherapy with lots of recipes and information about therapeutic qualities of Aromatherapy, which can still be effective for clients with impaired senses, is by a British Aromatherapist:  Jackson, Judith, and Richard Ely.  1986.  Scentual Touch, A Personal Guide to Aromatherapy.  New York, New York, H. Holt.
Do something fun or make something.
Reflexology, see Reflexology Charts and books, also.
Proper sleep, and take naps, if needed.  Visit your local library and local herb stores for herbs or natural products, such as clove, 5-HTP, Calms Forte.
Professional help, and church assistance, for spiritual to address any health-related, stress issue.
Visit your local library, contact associations for brochures or health info, seek church referrals and assistance, attend to health, nutrition, also, address any legal concerns or consumer business complaint, by seeking church help or intervention, and referrals, for church help to address any underlying health-related or also legal, which may impact or be reflected in overall health.
And Herbal Reference books include Tables, Charts, and Appendices with wonderful remedies and recipes, for pennies, at home.


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